This year’s Whose Line cast list was very difficult for me, not only because I HATE making cast lists, but also because you all truly brought something to the stage. Many students commented that the auditions were excellent, and they understood how hard the job is to make a cast list. As I said at the very beginning, I am very happy to meet with anyone about their audition, and discuss ways to improve.


Please don’t let a cast list decide your self worth. It is just a cast list. Notice I did not say “Don’t be disappointed if you did not get in.” Of course it is disappointing when we do not get casted. Sometimes we may even feel angry. I have been there. Many times. It is OK to feel feelings; words and actions are what count. What I am saying is: Let the feeling happen, and then move on. Don’t let something else that is outside of your control to define you. You ALL had things to be proud of.


If you made the cast, congratulations - your next steps are below, after the list. If you did not make the cast, please know I am grateful for your efforts - and remember you get a coupon for 2 free tickets to the show, as an honored guest! I will be sending those to your homeroom. 





1 - Please complete the registration form I emailed to you, get it signed, and return to Mr. Dietzler in the Theatre Room, along with your payment, in a clearly marked envelope. The form/fee is due by 3 PM, April 11th. NO EXCEPTIONS. Anyone who fails to hand in their form and payment will be immediately replaced by a new cast member.


2 - The Activity Fee is $50.00. If you prefer to sell ad/shout outs to defray the cost, you must indicate that on your form. The cost becomes $25.00, PLUS a requirement to sell ONE ad or FIVE shout outs. Failure to acquire the ad or shout outs will result in a school fee being placed in your record (similar to failing to return a library book) for the difference.


3 - Complete this survey. (Click it)


4 - Visit the CALL BOARD, found under WHOSE LINE in our main menu above, or click the button below. The rehearsal schedule will be finalized soon. Rehearsals begin after Spring Break - APRIL 23rd is the first one. You must sign up for each rehearsal you plan to attend. Again do not worry about this until after break.


5 - Sign up for Remind Texts. (also found on the CALL BOARD)


6 - Bios and Headshots are due for each cast member. See the CALL BOARD website.


7 - If you are interested in serving as a Team Captain, email me.