Thank you all for an excellent, quality, and enjoyable audition and callback experience. As I have said often, casting is the most difficult, and the most crucial, aspect of a production. I am very much looking forward to working with each of you as we continue to raise the Theatre bar here at Radnor. 


Our first rehearsal is this Friday, from 2:45-5 PM. 


All are called. If you have a conflict, please contact the stage manager. The email for the stage managers is: 



- Check your email for the password to access the Call Board. Email Mr. Dietzler back, indicating that you accept the role, so we know you received the email.

- Read the script. Read the novel. Research online. Get to know this story.

- Please be sure to sign up for the Remind service, via the Call Board.

There is an announcement window above the calendar.

Click the appropriate button.

- Headshots will be taken on Friday, September 14th, 2018,

during our first rehearsal.

- The Activity Fee for this show is $85.00. Sorry for the confusion - If your check is for the wrong amount, it will be returned to you, so a new check can

be completed and brought in.

Questions? Comments?