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September 20th or 21st

3:30 - 6:15 PM

Theatre Room 164

CALLBACKS - Sept 22 - 3:30-6:15

Auditioning for a play can be a nervous experience - I know that - I have done it myself - and I respect and welcome you! I am delighted that you are considering auditioning for our Fall Play!
Rehearsal schedule will be established based on cast availability. Typically, rehearsals are after school / late afternoon. The week before and of the show itself will have rehearsals into evening.

ALL auditioning students MUST have a completed Activity Form. The form requires a parent/guardian signature. If you do not have a form, you may not audition - so please be sure to download the form! This is a link to the Audition Form, or you can click this lovely text and icon to download the form:

1 - The Audition Form    

Printed forms are available in the Theatre Room (164). Please do NOT hand in a double-sided form. Please put each page on its own paper. This is so the Medical Form can be kept confidential, apart from the Registration Form.

NOTE: As you will see on the form, there is an Activity Fee of $85.00 to cover your t-shirt, meal(s), and costs to produce the play (royalties, sets, etc).
A reduced fee is available, in exchange for selling ad(s)/shout(s) for the program. Any student who faces financial challenges, there is assistance available. Please contact Mr. Dietzler directly. 

      2- The Audition Sides 
This is a link to the Audition Sides. (In theatre, this refers to the script choices you will audition with). Please choose a passage to perform. Memorization is highly recommended. Actors prepare their auditions by not only reviewing the audition material, but also reading and researching the play. It is highly recommended that you know the spirit of the play to bring it to life in your audition. Be ready to take direction and suggestions. 

The Fine Print

Additional Info: ALL students grades 9-12 are welcome to audition. Not everyone who auditions will be casted in the play - the play is a smaller production. All students are encouraged to join the stage crew and/or try out for the Musical and/or Whose Line Is It, Anyway? All actors are welcome to watch both days of auditions as well as callbacks, even if they are not auditioning.. Actors can also contact the director with any questions, concerns, or request feedback.
There are no understudies for the Fall Play.

Your acting audition will consist of an acting selection, performed in front of all present (don't worry, I got your back!) and be at most 5 minutes. 
You MUST have a completed Activity Form. Students who are unable to come to auditions may submit a video audition, which must be submitted no later than 3:30 PM SHARP on the last day of auditions. It is the responsibility of the student to make sure that Mr. Dietzler is able to open and access the video you send. If you are sharing via YouTube, Google Drive, etc, be sure to set the sharing settings correctly.  Video auditions links may be sent to
Regarding Seniority: As a rule, seniority is NOT honored with regards to casting the play. It will only ever be considered when there is a true "tie" between two capable actors, who also equally fit the role. 

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