Welcome to Radnor Actors Workshop!


Thank you to the 36 people who auditioned. I was very impressed with the level of preparation.  Once again, I regret that I cannot cast all of you in this play - If I could, I would!  Remember, everyone who auditioned receives a free ticket to the show. Look for Mr. Dietzler's letter in your homeroom; it will have the coupon and your activity fee check. (Students cast in the show do not receive a free ticket.)

Thank you again for auditioning!

Kind Regards,

Mr. Dietzler


Grandpa Martin Vanderhoff: Aidan Moore

Penelope (Penny) Sycamore: Ava Bohnenberger

Paul Sycamore: Tyler Matthews

Essie Carmichael: Sam Roche

Ed Carmichael: David Cuff

Alice Sycamore: Amia Korman

Anthony (Tony) Kirby, Jr.: Dylan Roche

Rheba: Hannah Baumgardner

Donald: Justin Holley

Anthony Kirby, Sr.: Aidan Giacomucci

Miriam Kirby: Janie McRae

Mr. De Pinna: Jason Tey

Boris Kolenkhov: Tim Holtman

Willy C. Henderson: Andrew Moyer

Grand Duchess Olga Katrina: Anna Maria Iaramboykov

Gay Wellington: Cassidy Else

Five FBI Agents: Lanie Walsh, Olivia D’Ovidio, Neya Anand, Julia Foley, Zaiya Ngubeni


Understudy Assignments: Understudies will only perform if necessary. TBA




Stage Managers: Kristin Faralli, Zoriana Witmer, Ava Gallia

Lighting Design: Abby Fluck

Sound Design: Michael Haahr, Alex Paino

Assistant Costume Design: Lia Williams

Paint Charge: Ashley Kalan, Amanda McGrath, Paige Phillips

Propmaster: Megan Cairns

Carpentry: Edgar Ryan, Patrick Lovenguth

Stage Crew: TBA (Interested? Email Mr. Dietzler)




Director and Producer: Mr. Dietzler

Technical Director: Mr. Oskin

Costume Director: Mrs. Cuff, Mrs. Korman



Radnor Actors Workshop presents an annual Fall Play. Auditions are held in September, and the performances take place late November or Early December. Students in all grades are very welcome to audition for the play. Students do not have to be in a theatre class to participate, and we cooperate with other student activities as well. Students are also welcome to be a part of the stage crew, who work on costumes, sets, lights, and other technical elements. 

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