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Mr. Dietzler - Room 164 

(near the Gymnasium)

CLICK HERE to contact Mr. Dietzler


A Welcome Video from Mr. Dietzler, Theatre Teacher and Director



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Radnor Actors Workshop is a wonderful tradition here at Radnor High School which has been giving Radnor students and the community wonderful experiences since it was established in 1973. RAW presents two performances a year, and has a dedicated and excellent Stage Crew - the Radnor Badgers. RAW also supports the Spring Musical production and the LM Pep Rally, as well as concerts and events throughout the year.


ALL students at RHS are invited to audition for the Fall Play! Auditions are usually held during the 2nd or third week of school. The Play is an excellent opportunity to further your growth as a young actor.We present a play that
sometimes features a large cast, and sometimes features a small cast.

Rehearsals are flexible, and Mr. Dietzler makes every effort to work with everyone's busy schedules!
Performances are usually the weekend prior to Thanksgiving. Be sure to visit the RAW website to be kept up to date for more info!


ALL students at RHS are invited to audition for the Spring Improv! Auditions are held on April1st (April Fools Day!) each year, or the next weekday after. Through improv games and teamwork, get the laughs going with with this RHS staple! Performances are usually the first weekend in June! Be sure to visit the RAW website to be kept up to date for more info!



ALL students at RHS are invited to join the RHS Stage Crew! Under the supervision of Mr. Tim Oskin and Mr. Dietzler, the Stage Crew raises the bar  throughout the year to make the technical elements of productions at RHS top notch! Gain invaluable experience in working with tools, lighting, sound, lumber, and design, and also backstage crew work.  Be sure to visit the stage crew page on our RAW website to sign up today!

Welcome video from  RAW Tech Director/Designer Mr. Oskin


Here are the exciting theatre classes offered at Radnor High School!

For more information, please refer to the RHS Course Selection Guide -Click Here to travel to the RHS webpage!


THEATRE ACTING - Perfect for those who might be beginners, as well as experienced actors! Theatre Arts is an activity based course that introduces acting. This course is especially designed for the student who feels stage fright - it’s a chance to try out being an actor, without immense pressure of a huge audience! Pantomime, monologues, theatre games, improv games, character building . . . . All in a semester long class!

Join the fun and explore acting!


PUBLIC SPEAKING - Are you thinking about a career in which you might have to present a speech? Perhaps you want to refine your speaking, as well as your interviewing skills, as you prepare for college and beyond! Public Speaking is for you - An activity based course in which students can refine their public presentation skills. Activities include speeches, games, mock interviews, TED talks, debates . . . and students of all skill levels are most welcome! Do you suffer from stage fright? Public presentations scare you? This course is perfect for you - a safe place to face down your fear, and gain more confidence!


MUSICAL THEATRE - “The Lullaby of Broadway!” Do you love musicals? Then you will love this class! In addition to listening to and viewing all kinds of shows and musicals, students receive individual and group lessons in singing, acting, and performing a Broadway song. Sstudent gets to share their work with an audience at the end of semester Cabaret! Experienced singers looking to expand their repertoire will find this course very helpful.

Are you a beginner singer? NO PROBLEM - This is the PERFECT course for you! Do you believe you "can't sing?" Not possible! This is the perfect course for you!


TECHNICAL THEATRE - The elite ninjas of the theatre - never seen, never heard - but the show would never go on without them - the theatre technicians! In this course we delve into the basics of lighting, sound, set design, stage craft, and other aspects of technical theatre, through activities and projects. Bring your creativity to this course that will shed light (see what I did there?) on the work that goes on before a show and behind the scenes!


* = NOTE: This course is open to 10th-12th graders who have approval from Mr. Dietzler and have also taken Theatre Acting or Musical Theatre. A small, select number of 9th graders may be approved for this course. Interested 9th graders must send a rèsumé, cover letter, and a letter of recommendation from one director they have worked with to be considered for this course.

HONORS ACTING - Designed for the serious actor, Honors Acting is for the young person who is serious about sharpening their skills and bringing their acting to the next level. This course is not for the beginning actor - there will be in depth discussion and reading regarding character development and acting techniques to help you to discover the best acting technique of them all - the one you build for yourself! This is an Honors level course, so be prepared to be challenged and busy pursuing the craft that you love. Audition techniques, video clips of your performances, critiquing the work of others, and so much more will be added to your portfolio as you continue to grow in professionalism and preparation for the stage and camera!

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