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THANK YOU to all who auditioned. Auditioning is not easy, and I thank you for sharing your talents, and coming out for the play. Each of you brought a special performance to the stage. Truly.
All are invited to attend Callbacks to watch. 

The final cast list will be posted when it is ready. Asking Mr. Dietzler constantly will not speed up the process. If you would like an email at the same time it is posted, complete this online registration, please.

The students listed below are called back to read again. NOTE: Some of you may read only once. Students will be dismissed as they are done the readings for which they are called back to read for.

September 22nd

3:30 - 6:15 PM

Theatre Room 164


Emily Anagnos
Aspen Braunfeld
Bridget Walsh
Katie Bowman
Sahana Shastry
Natalie Dumin
Quinn O'Donovan
Lulu Pierce
Isabella Bucci
Ema Torres
Bridie Schwarz

Victor Au
Aidan Oliver
Ali Salem
Shane Roche
Jackson Diskin
Finn Ryan
Julian Kusnierz

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